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A misty mornin’ doon the shore wi a hushed an’ caller air,

an’ ne’er a breath frae East or Wast tie sway the rashes there,

a sweet, sweet scent frae Laggan’s birks gaed breathin’ on its ane,

their branches hingin beaded in the smoky smirr o rain.


The hills aroond war silent wi the mist alang the braes.

The woods war derk an’ quiet wi dewy, glintin’ sprays,

The thrushes didna raise for me, as I gaed by alane,

but a wee, wae cheep at passin’ in the smoky smirr o rain.


Rock an’ stane lay glisterin’ on aa the heichs abune.

Cool an’ kind an’ whisperin’ it drifted gently doon,

till hill an’ howe war rowed in it, an’ land an’ sea war gane.

Aa was still an’ saft an’ silent in the smoky smirr o rain.


“This is one of my favourite poems because it is so beautifully descriptive of a typical quiet misty day in Tarbert or for that matter anywhere on the west coast of Scotland.  You can just feel yourself there.”

Smoky Smirr o Rain

by George Campbell Hay

written between 1946 and 1958


Just so you're sure - Dr MacDonald is the one on the right!


Dr Neil MacDonald, George Campbell Hay’s GP

during Hay’s later years in Tarbert has selected

The Smokey Smirr o Rain as one of his favourite Hay poems.

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